Selling on ANTOSIO is free, we hold a small commission for shipping costs and website management only after purchase.
To begin, follow the steps below:

1. The article must be brand new and authentic.

  • The product that you intend to sell must be a new product and never worn, the product cannot be a copy or counterfeit, it must be authentic with seals if present. The sale of copies or counterfeits is strictly prohibited. In the event of a report from our customers for used or a counterfeit product, our client will be reimbursed, and you will be charged for shipping (departure and returns) plus a penalty of Eur 35.

2. Your item must be a product already published on our website.

  • To sell your product on our website, the item you intend to sell must already be available on the website with sizes, brands and colors already present. If not available, you can report it via the Helpdesk, if it is in programming, we will communicate you a date of availability.

3. You must send us the item and accessories.

  • If the request for sale of your product is accepted, residents of the European community can keep the product with them until it is purchased by one of our customers, in case of purchase you will be contacted and you will have to send the product to us within 48 hours, if we do not receive it within 72 hours the customer’s order will be canceled and the product will be retained until the next purchase. For international users, once your sales request has been approved, you must ship the product within 72 hours in our stock, it will be retained by us so as to speed up the shipping process to the customer.
    All shipments to the customer are made by us via DHL, UPS or local courrier.

4. You must have a Paypal account and a debit/credit card.

  • With your Antosio account, you must link your Paypal account and enter a debit / credit / prepaid card. We need this information so that we can credit your sales and simplify your payments and charges on our website where it is requested.
    We retain 22% of your total purchase to manage shipping and website management fees.